Abdelaziz Dabbabi

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Abdelaziz, a Tunisian guy who:

Personal Projects

# azaytek 

My personal blog (self hosted ghost instance), where I publish my thoughts regarding the web and internet. You’re very welcome azaytek

# azifpl 

A wrapper around the Fantasy Premier League Platform, implementing multiple functionalities from getting gameweek score, to players prices, changing teams names, leagues history, setting captain and more ⚽ ⚽. Check it out azifpl github or azifpl npm

# GithubSlack-Automator

This is a helpful nodejs script that combines Github & Slack APIs to offer you a command-line tool to automate multiple Github & Slack administrative tasks. Available here

# aziscore

This is a chrome extension for flashscore users. It extends the website and offers multiple filtering criteria such as matching goals sum is bigger/lower than a threshold, matching that the difference between goals scored is bigger/lower than a threshold, matching that the 1HT score is equal to 2HT score and many more ⚽ … Available here

# azicolis-checker

This is a nodejs/puppeteer helper that bulk searches and takes automated screenshots of parcels being shipped by Tunisian Post … Available here


Available to hire and open to collaborate with you on your projects through upwork 🤝

Support or Contact

Want to reach out? I’m all over the internet, shout out an e-mail at dabebi.abdelaziz@gmail.com, ping me on Facebook, Twitter or add me on LinkedIn 👋👋